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Choosing To Move

Types Of Packing Paper You Can Use During Your Move

by Courtney Thompson

If you need to move some breakable objects, then you will need to protect your things with the help of your packing materials. While it is often wise to use peanuts and bubble wrap, you can also go with paper packing materials too. However, there are a variety of different types of paper available. Keep reading about a few options so you can figure out what is best for your needs.

Asphalt or Wet Strength Paper

Some items in your home may be susceptible to corrosion, and this includes a lot of the metal ornaments and other objects you have in your house. Corrosion is a type of oxidation that occurs when a metal comes into contact with oxygen. Water typically speeds up the corrosion process and leads to rust, silver tarnish, and discoloration on brass. So, if you have expensive metal items or if you are simply trying to avoid having to buff out a bunch of tarnish from your silver tea set, then you need to wrap them in a type of paper that will protect them from oxidation.

There are two types of paper that are water and water vapor resistant. They include asphalt paper and wet strength paper. Asphalt paper is sometimes called rosin paper and it is the type of material often used underneath flooring to provide a vapor barrier. It creates this same barrier for your wrapped items and keeps them safe during your move or when shipping items. The material is a piece of asphalt based felt sandwiched in between two pieces of parchment paper.

Wet strength paper is similar to asphalt paper, except it is a single or double paper item that is covered in wax or another type of coating.

Craft Paper

Craft or kraft paper is one of the cheapest options available and it a good choice if you need to pack up dozens of glasses, plates, or other breakable items. The paper is made from recycled pulp and is squeezed thin to create the paper sheets. It is created using the kraft process, which is a chemical one where cellulose is broken down and left as a pulpy and solid material.

Kraft paper is not only cheap, but it is environmentally friendly with little waste leftover afterward. Also, the paper can be used safely to cushion and protect almost any item you have in your home. 

Kraft paper is the cheapest when it is bought in bulk, so prepare early by buying a large amount of the paper well before your move. You can buy it at packing stores as well as craft establishments. If you do not see craft paper, then you can purchase newsprint instead, which is readily available at the vast majority of craft stores. 

If you are in a questionable situation during your move, there are plenty of moving companies out there that would be more than willing to provide you with assistance.