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Do you remember the last time you thought about moving? After living in our home for about three years, I realized that we wanted to get out into the world and see some other places, so we listed our place for sale. Making the decision to move was nerve-wracking but incredibly exciting, and I was really happy that we were able to make the choice to move. After we sold our place and relocated, it was incredible to experience new places, new things, and adventures that I had never dreamed of. Check out this blog for great reasons to move.




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Choosing To Move

Four Ways To Help You Get Settled In Your New Neighborhood After A Move

by Courtney Thompson

Moving can be a stressful transition, but getting settled in your new neighborhood can also be a difficult transition to make. Here are a few thins you can do to help get settled and make a few new friends in the neighborhood.

Throw A Moving Day Pizza Party

Ordering pizza to feed your family and your movers is a great idea, but you can take it one step further by inviting your neighbors over for a backyard pizza party as well. Deliver invites to your neighbors in person a few days ahead of your move, and let them know they are cordially invited to share pizza and soda with you and your family on moving day. Host this event in the backyard or in the garage so everyone is out of the way as the movers finish unloading the truck.

Check Out The Local Park District

If you have little ones, check out the local park district for a list of community events and activities you can attend. You'll likely run into some of your neighbors there, and your children can meet some of the other kids they will be going to school with. If you move at the beginning of summer or fall, look for park district programs and classes they can join as well.

Host A Pre-Move Barbecue

If you have the freedom to start moving items into your home before moving day, you might want to consider hosting a pre-move barbecue to help meet the neighbors. This gives you a chance to get a few things set up around the house, including the kitchen and your outdoor grilling area, and it gives you a break from packing and prepping for the big move. Consider having the event catered if you don't have time to cook, and be sure to bring some backyard toys for the kids and the children of the neighborhood to enjoy when they come over. Consider inviting your movers to the party as well, as this provides them with a chance to meet new potential customers.

Take Daily Walks

You can meet lots of new people in the neighborhood by simply going on daily walks. Make it a point to walk to a new block every day, and greet the people you pass along the way. Eventually, you'll be having conversations that blossom into new friendships in your new community.

Don't forget to talk to your moving company about other ways to help you get settled. Some movers offer "welcome to the neighborhood" packages, and they can provide recommendations for local restaurants and shops you can check out as you get settled into your new home.