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Do you remember the last time you thought about moving? After living in our home for about three years, I realized that we wanted to get out into the world and see some other places, so we listed our place for sale. Making the decision to move was nerve-wracking but incredibly exciting, and I was really happy that we were able to make the choice to move. After we sold our place and relocated, it was incredible to experience new places, new things, and adventures that I had never dreamed of. Check out this blog for great reasons to move.




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Choosing To Move

Tips For Making Your Move More Affordable With Movers

by Courtney Thompson

Are you going to be moving to a new place, but don't think you can afford to use movers? They may not be as expensive as you think. There are ways to make your move affordable while using movers to do all the heavy lifting for you. Follow these tips and see how much money you can save.

Understand Your Estimate

You must realize that the estimate provided by your moving company is exactly what the name implies, an approximation of how much your move will cost. Most moving companies have set costs for using the truck and packing materials, but the bulk of the move is hourly labor that will vary depending on how long it takes to do the move.

Don't be put off to a moving company based on how much the total estimate is. Look at how the cost breaks down and look at where you are saving money. Two companies may have identical pricing, but one is simply estimating more hours to get the job done while charging a lower hourly rate. Understand that the cost of moving will depend on how prepared you are on your moving day.

Box Your Own Items

People often hire movers to handle the entire move for them, but the bulk of the moving process can be done on your own. Use the weeks leading up to your move to pack your own items in boxes. There is no need to pay a mover to do this for you, since you will most likely want to handle your own belongings and know which boxes they went into.

Have Your Boxes Ready to Go

You would be surprised at how many people are still packing up their belongings as the movers are showing up. Plan to not only have your boxes packed, but move them to your living room so they are next to the front door and ready to be placed on the truck. This will be a huge time saver for your movers, and you can stage the boxes near the door the night before.

Help Out

Don't be afraid to help out during your move. Your total move's cost will most likely be based off of how many hours it takes, so pitching in to move some boxes to the truck can help lower some of those man hours that you will be billed in the end.

Speak with your moving company for more money saving tips