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Do you remember the last time you thought about moving? After living in our home for about three years, I realized that we wanted to get out into the world and see some other places, so we listed our place for sale. Making the decision to move was nerve-wracking but incredibly exciting, and I was really happy that we were able to make the choice to move. After we sold our place and relocated, it was incredible to experience new places, new things, and adventures that I had never dreamed of. Check out this blog for great reasons to move.




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Choosing To Move

4 Tips When You've Hired Commercial Movers

by Courtney Thompson

When it's time to move, you may be considering movers to pack up all your items and move them to your new home. However, hiring professional movers means you must rely on them. Make it easier for them to move your items by following these four tips.

Communicate Clearly

One of the best ways you can make it easy for your movers is to communicate with them on everything. They are hauling your items, so you want them to know where they are going and when they need to arrive. Provide them with the address of your current home, your new home, and your contact information in case they need to contact you on the road while delivering your items. If something comes up and you're going to be late or need to chance something, tell them as soon as possible.

Organize Your Items

This will help your movers and you when it comes time to start unpacking in your new home. Organize your items according to where they are going. For example, put everything for the kitchen in boxes and put everything for the bathroom in different boxes and mark them accordingly. Also, ensure the area is well organized too so the movers can navigate without breaking anything.

Don't Pack What You Can't

Some items can't be moved by movers because they may be hazardous. Items such as flammable liquids, batteries, liquid bleach, etc. can cause a disaster during moving if they catch fire. It's best to dispose of these dangerous items properly instead of trying to move them yourself, as they can be dangerous. Movers also won't move perishable foods, but depending on the length of your move, you may choose to take them with you yourself. Ensure everything that you are moving yourself or tossing is clearly marked.

Treat Them Well

It's easy to forget that movers are humans. Just because you are paying them for a service doesn't mean you should forget all your hosting manners. Thank them and offer assistance when needed. If it is a big move and/or hot, consider having water and snacks for the movers. This makes them more comfortable while they move your items, which could mean fewer accidents.

Movers are an easy way to haul all your items to your new home, but by making the job easier for them, you make it smoother for you. If you have a move approaching, contact professional movers in your area today.