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Choosing To Move

A Few Packing Tips For Your Next Move

by Courtney Thompson

Although a local move is much easier than a long-distance move in many ways, you still have to take care to pack your belongings carefully. The act of moving them on and off the truck, as well as the jostling during the drive, can cause damage to furniture and fragile items if they are not packed well. Here are a few packing tips that might help:

Tips For Packing Tables

By taking the legs off your tables, they will fit into the truck more efficiently. Plus, you won't have to worry about something heavy pressing against a table leg and causing it to shift out of position or crack. Wrap the legs in towels or a blanket to keep them from rolling around and being scratched. With the legs removed, you can stack tables on their sides, which will keep boxes and other things off the surface. Still, it's a good idea to wrap tables in pads or blankets so they are protected, especially the portions that rest on the floor of the truck. If you're not good with using tools and taking things apart, your mover might offer the option of dismantling furniture and putting it back together again for an added cost.

Tips For Lamps And Other Fragile Items

Although it may seem like an extra expense, it's a good idea to buy some bubble wrap for your fragile items that could break. Take lamp shades off and pack them in boxes so they won't be dented or get dirty. Take the lamp apart if needed so it will fit in a box after wrapping it in bubble wrap. Once that's done, you can stuff t-shirts or towels into the box so there is no empty space that would allow the lamp or other fragile items to move around.

Tips For Choosing Boxes

You can buy boxes made just for moving which are much sturdier than repurposed boxes you might pick up from a grocery store. The boxes are stronger, and some are reinforced. For example, the small boxes designed to hold books are strong enough that you don't have to worry about the bottom falling out. Buy these sturdy boxes for your heavy items and delicate items that you don't want to be crushed. Also, buy boxes made to hold glasses. These have individual cells that keep glasses separated. These boxes can also be used to hold other small, fragile items.

Tips For Moving Dressers And Desks

You can save on boxes by keeping clothing in dresser drawers and supplies in your desks. However, you'll want to seal the drawers shut so they don't fly open when the furniture is moved. You can wrap the furniture in plastic wrap. This protects it from scratches and it holds the drawers tight so they won't move when handled.

You'll have a lot of planning to do when you get ready for your move. When you book your local mover, ask for advice and tips on how to make moving day go smoother for you and the moving crew. You'll want to know what your responsibilities are and what the crew is expected to do so you have a quick and easy move.

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