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Do you remember the last time you thought about moving? After living in our home for about three years, I realized that we wanted to get out into the world and see some other places, so we listed our place for sale. Making the decision to move was nerve-wracking but incredibly exciting, and I was really happy that we were able to make the choice to move. After we sold our place and relocated, it was incredible to experience new places, new things, and adventures that I had never dreamed of. Check out this blog for great reasons to move.




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Choosing To Move

Make Packing Easier And Save Money: Divide The Packing Tasks

by Courtney Thompson

Most local moving companies offer packing services that make bundling everything you own into boxes a lot easier. These movers are experienced, plus there's usually more than one person working on the packing, so it goes a lot faster than if you did it yourself. Having the movers pack your belongings makes things much easier for you, but it can also increase your moving costs by a few hundred dollars. If you're truly not looking forward to packing everything up yourself, but you can't afford to have the movers pack everything, divide up the tasks.

They Should Pack: Dishes and Stemware

Have the movers pack dishes, stemware, and other fragile items. The movers will know the safest way to transport items like these so that they don't break in transit. And if they do break in transit, then the moving company is responsible for replacing them if the moving company packed them. If you packed them, though, then you would be responsible for replacing them unless the movers obviously did something wrong, like dropping another heavy box on the dish box.

You Should Pack: Books, Clothes, and Linens

You can't really go wrong with packing books, clothes, linens, and other soft items yourself. Just remember to use standard book boxes, which are typically labeled as small moving boxes when you buy them at home improvement stores. Don't make the boxes too heavy, and use linens, wrapped in plastic bags for protection, as padding and filler in other boxes.

They Should Pack: Anything That's Oddly Shaped

You could pack oddly shaped items yourself if you were willing to spend the time piling in bubble wrap or foam peanuts into large conventional boxes. Or, you could let the movers handle it because they may be able to cut down a box to customize the packaging.

You Should Pack: Private Files

Any private goods like files should be on your list to pack, not the movers. You need to be able to pull out the files you need and take the files with you if possible, instead of transporting them on the moving truck. Pack them yourself and mark the box, and then try to take them with you in your car.

Local moving companies understand that sometimes customers want to save money while still maintaining their peace of mind during a stressful move. Tell the movers you'd like to add packing services for specific items and see if you can cut the price of packing that way.