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Choosing To Move

The Correct Way To Use Long Term Storage Facility Services

by Courtney Thompson

Long-term storage clears the clutter so that it doesn't become an issue. People use this storage when they are moving to a new place and when they need more room around the house. Businesses can also use long-term storage to clear office space and expand their quarters. All you need is a plan of action and the help of a facility. 

1. Recognize how you plan to use your long term storage facility services

Begin by rounding up every belonging that you intend to include in a long-term storage facility. If it's a spring cleaning project, you might separate it into different piles of clothes, household equipment, kid's toys, and other groups. If it's a business decision, it might mean clearing out desks and old storage closets and breaking down large equipment. 

After you have set aside the things you're going to include, determine how much storage space that'll actually involve. Sizes like 5 x 10, 5 x 15, 10 x 10 and 10 x 25 are quite common for long-term storage spaces. Tall items might also need more vertical space for safekeeping. 

2. Double and triple-check their security

The security standards of the long-term storage facility should draw your attention. A storage facility that has guards around the clock is the best-case scenario. Check for CCTV cameras and long-term DVR retention also. Security gates that open and close with codes or other forms of access will also be helpful in protecting your belongings. 

3. Prepare all of your items for safe storage

Have a plan for storing your items so that they aren't all just jumbled together. Bubble wrap will protect them both in transit and in the storage container. Remove all glass items and wrap them individually. Arrange everything so that it fits like a puzzle piece. In the event of a heavy windstorm or earthquake, you'll want to know that items falling and breaking will not be an issue. Make it easy on yourself by leaving some space. When you leave space it'll be easier to pull items out in a few months or whenever you need to get your things. 

Stay aware of the terms of the contract so you know all about the hours of business and how long your items are secured. 

Long-term storage will protect all of your items and these tips can help you do it the correct way. For more information, consider reaching out to Glaser and Sons Moving.